About Us

Beaufort Community House and Learning Centre Inc (BCHLC) commenced in 1984 and is situated at the rear of the Beaufort Community Resource Centre. We run both formal and informal classes for the entire catchment area in the Pyrenees Shire. The centre attracts funding from a variety of sources including ACFE and DHS and enjoys volunteer input from Committee members and associates.

During the terms, several interesting and educational programs are offered to the public to improve knowledge and to offer social time to all ages.
This training is provided in a formalized manner by trained or accredited community members or others who simply have a skill that can be passed onto any interested parties. The courses are provided at the lowest possible cost to enable access by the broadest spectrum of the community.

The organisation not only offers ongoing education and training opportunities to the community, but also offers the opportunity for community members to become volunteers.

Any community members interested in joining our Committee of Management are encouraged to contact Josie Kelly, the Community House Coordinator.
on 03 5349 3150

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